Brief overview of the collections created since 1997.

ARCHIVE 1997 - 2005

I started producing work in 1997 using multi media to create visual messages.

I was working as a graphic designer in Johannesburg at the time.




This early work which now belongs to Soham Sanctuary, was first exhibited at Eurovirus B4|97, at Carfax Gallery in Newtown.

Medium: Engraved perspex, aluminium and flourescent tubing.

Size: 450mm x 1000mm



This series consists of 5 pieces the work was a bridge between the multimedia works and the painterly work made after this period. I was influenced by medieval notions of the four bodily humours. Hippocrates identified them as sanguine, choleric, melancholic, and phlegmatic and their composition was considered to determine a patient's personality and health. This work was accepted for the Volkskas Atelier Awards Exhibition in Bloemfontein.

Medium: Oil on canvas, perspex, plastic lettering

Size: 148 x 210 mm



This tryptich explores how industrial processes affect human development. This work was exhibited as part of the second Eurovirus B4|97 exhibition curated by James de Villiers.
Medium: Steel tubing, cast iron found objects, heating element, aluminium.
Size: 800 x 800mm


In 2000 I began working with a theme which kept me inspired for a decade - how skewed the image of women is. The media comodifies and packages women into sanitized, limited versions to sell products and ideas to a complacent audience. Through the dripping of paint and bold colours I sought to make a new kind of image of women.



This collection of nine portraits, including three self portraits on wooden board were the precursor to the intensive works I produced from 2002/03 looking at representations of women.

I painted these when I moved to Cape Town from Johannesburg and they were exhibited at the Olympia Cafe in Kalk Bay.

Titles: Karen; Jo; Heidi

Medium: Oil on plywood

Size: 800 x 800mm


December, 2001

This body of work addressed issues around the body-politic imposed on woman's self image by "magazine culture". The work aims to take women's bodies out of the realm of desirable objects into that of the potently sexual seeker, adventurer and discoverer, very important issues in a society where many women are  disempowered. Works exhibited at Rafikis in Cape Town.

1] Title: Afro Goddess

Medium: Oil on plywood

Size: 1200 x 900 mm

2] Title: The New Beautiful

Medium: oil on plywood

Size: 1200 x 1200 mm

3] Title: Crying

Medium: Oil on board

Size: 1200 x 900 mm

4] Title: Untitled

Medium: Oil on board

Size: 1200 x 900 mm

This was my second solo show.



I began to hone in on the patterns and textures while painting and  this lead to some experiments with abstraction. I made a small series of dotty paintings, many of which are housed in private collections. They were exhibited at the Stand for Art Gallery in Stanford.
Medium: Oil on Plywood
Size: 600 x 600mm




In 2003 I collaborated with Lauren Beukes on a performance piece which we presented at YDesire, curated by James Webb and Kim Lieberman at the Castle of Good Hope. Picture of the performance of decorating Koeks by Kali van der Merwe.



During this period I produced hundreds of nude studies from life. I never exhibited or sold any of these works - they were process works that larger paintings were based on.



This body of works incorporated my love of lettering. Klin was compliled from sketches from my travels to Madagascar. Works are housed in private collections and were exhibited through Gordart Gallery at Far and Wide at the Absa Gallery in Johannesburg.

1] Title: Klin

Medium: Oil paint on supawood

Size: 400 x 900mm
2] Title: Jane

Medium: Oli on Canvas

Size 600 x 600 mm

3] Title: Salty Boy

Medium: Oil paint on board

Size: 700 x 700mm

4] Title: My Dog has Fleas

Medium: Oil paint on supawood

Size: 600 x 600 mm


Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa

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