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My inspiration comes from many places. When I taught Graphic Design at AAA School of Advertising, I used to encourage my students to see the waste, the throwaways, the carelessly cut out pieces of a design as sources of inspiration. Being open to the chaos of the creative process, remaining playful and spontaneous, I feel are really important. These off cuts (pictured) from a new body of work, have got my imagination captured - what can I do with these castaways? How will they present themselves in my work down the line?

18 May, 2018


April 17, 2018

I recently sold a large paper work measuring 1000 x 1500mm. It is always interesting when you scale up a small protoype of a series to something this big. It was really challenging to make - I had to be super accurate. The pieces were tricky to fit together in the seem...

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